Nominations open for DFMC board positions

Dairy Farmers Milk Co-operative (DFMC) is informing members that DFMC directors Adrian Dauk and Bernice Lumsden have resigned from the Board.  Both have moved on from DFMC to join other processors in response to an alternative offer which better suited their businesses at this time.

As South Australian-based milk supplier to DFMC and director, Adrian served initially on the Milk Pricing Committee and was appointed as deputy chair, Adrian is a passionate South Australian farmer with a growing business and worked selflessly on the board contributing to DFMC’s ongoing success. We are grateful for his involvement and support.

Adrian says “It’s been an incredible experience to be a part of the DFMC board for the past number of years and I have enjoyed the challenges that have been a part of the experience along the way.  I always have had the Co-operative’s best interest at heart.”

Bernice has been DFMC Victorian director and also worked on the Pricing Committee.  Bernice’s experiences outside dairy and on representative boards in the region were invaluable and she shared her business acumen and contributed in significant ways to the challenges faced by DFMC.

While it is unfortunate to see members and directors leave, our membership base is strong at around 340 across four states – and we plan to increase our supplier numbers in the Southern region in the coming months.

Would you like to have a bigger hand in helping to shape our co-operative?  We have called for nominations to fill the casual board vacancies and the Board is looking for people who have, or would like to develop, skills in negotiation, strategy, and communication, and will consider people who have:

  • Interest and suitability to represent members in your region
  • A desire to lead
  • Ambition to make a difference for the benefit of their co-operative and fellow members

If you have any questions about the position, please contact chairman Andrew Burnett or Executive Officer Mark Kebbell

Through our members’ collective milk volume and capital, DFMC is in a strong position to manage our members’ collective milk supply, maintain a milk policy to ensure high quality product and importantly negotiate competitive pricing at the farmgate.