The underlying principles of a co-operative are more inclusive than a private company. As a member, you share in the dividends and have a real seat at the table. You have the opportunity to become a ward representative or stand for a seat on the DFMC Board.

Our core purpose is to look after our farmers by providing value and security.

DFMC is passionate about a sustainable and thriving Australian dairy industry. It advocates best farm practice and adheres to all professional and farming codes and regulations.

What we offer

  • Long-term, secure milk agreements
  • Guaranteed milk off-take for all your milk
  • Premium paid on 3 and 5 year contracts (for northern suppliers)
  • Guaranteed premium paid above Murray Goulburn Domestic Incentive (for southern members)
  • Financial loans to farmers in drought and disaster-declared areas
  • Support for farmers to grow their dairy businesses in each region
  • Sponsorship and support for country shows
  • Marketing and communication activities to support the co-operative
  • Policies that reflect best farm practice and animal health and welfare

Interested in supplying DFMC?

We know it’s a big decision to make, choosing a dairy supply company that meets your needs. For an obligation-free income estimate of your business, fill out the Expression of Interest Form below, and return it to us as soon as possible, to start securing your future today.