“Grassroots to Greatness” – Lunch with Rugby League Supercoach Wayne Bennett

Immediately following the formalities of the AGM over 150 DFMC members and people from across the Darling Downs came together for the Grassroots to Greatness lunch with Queensland Rugby League great Wayne Bennett.  As some may be aware, Bega sponsor the Dolphin NRL team and so we were able to use connections to secure Wayne for the event and partner with the Toowoomba Metropolitan Rotary Club to raise funds for the Rotary District Drought Appeal’s Community Support Card – a unique ‘credit card’ concept delivered to farmers struggling in drought conditions via independent rural financial counsellors.  These cards help to make sure that the funds raised locally (across southern Queensland) are kept in local communities.

Wayne Bennett spoke on his early years developing his career in coaching, the value of leadership and the importance of creating a strong team environment and culture to ensure the highest level of outcomes.

The event generated significant interest on the Downs with three television channels turning up to cover the event.