During July, DFMC held supplier meetings across all our regions. These events were well attended by local members keen to hear more detail about our recent price announcements, as well as a general industry and DFMC business update.

The DFMC board and management welcome the interaction and strong questioning from our members across all regions. Being open and transparent across the supply chain is an important part of what we do at DFMC.

NSW and Queensland

Seasonal conditions are varied across our regions but in general our farmers continue to battle the effects of the ongoing and widespread drought. In NSW the season is extremely tough, with some slight reprieve in recent weeks in the southern area but large challenges in central and northern NSW. Early indications for the southern Australian grain crop are positive at this stage.

Queensland really is a tale of two halves in terms of the season. Like northern NSW, southern Queensland is terribly dry, apart from the coastal area north of Brisbane. In far north Queensland the first six months of the year have been extremely wet with pasture production limited by lack of sunshine in most cases.

We really do live in a big diverse country! Across all regions we understand the ongoing challenges our farmers face, however I am continually buoyed by the positivity and passion our members show for DFMC and the wider industry.

– Tony Burnett

Victoria and South Australia

Echuca and Whorouly were again the venues for the Victorian DFMC supplier meetings, with both attracting good representation from suppliers in each region.

A tough season and plenty of competitor activity encouraged lively discussion at the Echuca meeting. The kinder seasonal conditions in the North East meant that there was as much interest around the potential sale of Lion as any other topic.

The continuation of Market Milk Support through supermarket contracts in South Australia was of interest at the Yankallila meeting, held at the home of the Tigers. Suppliers are relatively happy with both price and season, although it was generally agreed that both needed to continue to play ball.

School holidays meant a small turnout at the Mount Barker meeting, which featured a special guest appearance from former director Rick Gladigau!

– Dom Baxter

Left to right: Michelle Godden, Scott Lumsden, Bernice Lumsden, Jade Jones, Stuart Winchester, Andrew Wilson, Steve Fisicaro, Ryan Delay, Greg Dealy